A future as a homeopath

A future as a homeopath 

By Stephanie Joachim


When I was 24, I started work in a multinational company, thinking I’d mapped it all out. I made a career in there, leading a team to success. I was able to use my language, which was a bonus.

Fast forward 4 years and I had just become a mother for the first time.

It was an exciting and scary time all the same. I’m sure most new parents feel the same way. What I wasn’t prepared for, was my questioning…

What to feed, when I’m not breastfeeding, when to stop breastfeeding, what to give them when they’re not well, creche or childminder, co-sleeping or own room – my questions were countless.


A German pharmacy at the time introduced me to a few homeopathic remedies for acute ailments like teething and coughing and fever, which I used without really knowing much about it – or seeing the benefit until much later.


Fast forward another few years and we’re a family with three kids. Somewhere along the way I’d lost myself and now suffered stress, anxieties, and other physical symptoms – ringing in ears, heart racing, cold sweats, UTIs and sinus infections and to top it off I wasn’t sleeping well either.


I was restless inside, wanted to work in a different job, wasn’t really satisfied, although on the outside I seemed to have it all – a great job, a loving family, a home, and some pets…


Countless trips to the GP and consultants really all resulted in the same offering: anti-anxiety and anti depression meds and/or antibiotics and steroids. I was hugely reluctant, as I had taken the medication and the outcome was not as positive as I’d hoped for and it was then, that someone introduced me to a homeopath.


I went to see the homeopath and also brought my kids – and finally my life started slipping into balance using this natural alternative.


What I didn’t know then was, that homeopathy is safe and effective for people of all ages, and can support and treat many health problems. Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s vital force in an attempt to bring the body back into balance. Our bodies are fantastic like that, and we all have tremendous healing power. Remedies that are well chosen will help alleviate pain and speed up your recover without unwanted side effects.


With us firmly establish on our healing path, along came the desire to learn more about homeopathy and that’s when I contacted Gerry and Angie at the www.ish.ie to see if I could join the next professional course.


My husband and I discussed the benefits of me going back into education on top of a full-time job and a big family at home, and if we could or should invest the money into the mortgage, but truth be told, it was time for me to invest in myself, my own sanity and health.


And so, I signed up for the professional course – made a commitment to 4 years of learning to become a homeopath.


It has been the most rewarding journey so far.

Training as a homeopath is empowering in many ways – apart from the obvious benefits of understanding and using homeopathy effectively, it also shaped me.

Took me on a journey of self-discovery that has not yet stopped.

I’ve made new friends along the way, and it quite feels like I’ve found my tribe.


Studying homeopathy has allowed me to treat patients from year 3 and 4 under supervision for acute and chronic ailments, but also to treat myself and my family.


Especially in times like the last three years homeopathy has been a lifesaver to those who were able to use it for acute ailments at home instead of having to see a GP or pharmacist.

I was still a student during the pandemic and was able to steer clear of GPs for most of those three years, treating people for anything from fevers, common colds, coughs and earaches to stomach upsets, strains and sprains, or sore throats.

It put things into perspective for me. It’s not always necessary to get out the big guns. Of course, GPs and hospitals are vital, but often you can manage very well by yourself using homeopathy – and it comes without side effects and is very safe.


The course taught me to step back and assess a situation with calm – and then make an informed decision if a doctor/hospital was needed or not.


As always – if in doubt, contact a health care practitioner.      


By the start of year 4 I had a good idea where I wanted my homeopathy journey to go.


This can take many ways.

Some people choose to work on their own, once qualified, others may team up with other homeopaths or alternative practitioners.

You can decide to work online only – saving on rent for a practitioner room – that also crossed my mind, and while a large part of my patients does consultations online via Video conference, I relish in meeting people face-to-face.


As it were, we needed space for our son’s drum kit and so the idea was born to save for and build a timber cabin, where I see my patients.


The choice is there to work as a homeopath part time or full time, anything goes really, and I think it largely depends on your individual situation.  Many students of homeopathy have a job or profession and may not want or be able to give up their “day job” or a regular income.


But really, the flexibility means you can have the best of both worlds – be employed and still see patients.

I’m still employed in my “day job”, but things are shaping up in a way that I would love to spend more time on being a homeopath – so watch this space.


The professional course I took also instilled a thirst for knowledge in me that I hadn’t quite seen like this before.

I get butterflies and really excited about prospects in this field.

For example, you can pass on your knowledge while teaching/mentoring, go for further education, within the field, supporting study groups, but also in research – writing articles, journals or books.

Complimentary further education can be found in naturopathy, nutrition, herbalism or phytotherapy amongst others.


It is worthwhile and rewarding to explore other routes and they will complement your homeopathic practice in many ways and enhance your career as a homeopath.


Now, 7 months into my journey as a practicing and qualified homeopath, I’m steadily building my client base, working with my clients mostly after work, sometimes at weekends.


It’s liberating to do something where I’m my own boss and can decide what this journey can look like.


I’ve a huge interest in teaching, so I’ll be exploring teaching homeopathy a little more. I have also written my first article for the Homeopathic Times – the journal of the Irish Society of Homeopaths.


I’m sure you also want to know about money – after all, this may become your daily bread. In third and fourth year there are good classes on building your practice and that has helped a lot. To learn to not undersell yourself is important, because you need to earn a living but also be realistic that building a practice takes time.


Whichever way it’s going to be for you - choosing to study homeopathy is a brilliant way forward.

August 2023