Homeopathy for Grief

Client contacted me 3 weeks after the death of a parent. Couldn't sleep, feeling ice-cold, exhausted. Can't breathe deeply. Crying a lot. This testimonial is a half day after she took the remedy. 

Tooth saved

This gorgeous 3 year old fell and knocked her tooth loose recently. The mother sent me a help message on her way to the dentist. The dentist didn't think the tooth could be saved and asked them to return in two weeks for extraction. In the meantime, I worked with them to reduce the trauma and swelling and suggested remedies that would support the healing. It's been 3 weeks and the tooth has settled back in. Homeopathy for the win! 

Ringworm lesion in 2 year old

It started with a small circular scaly red patch on his forehead and then extended to a second patch on forehead. Acute consult on Wednesday - definite improvement by Saturday only with 1 homeopathic remedy. Gone by Monday.