Homeopathy for Colic in Babies and Children


Colic in Babies and Children and relevant homeopathic remedies:

Chamomilla: Severe unbearable pain and abdominal swelling with irritability, needs to be carried, green runny stools that look like chopped spinach and smell like rotten eggs.

Colocynthis: Pains are unbearable, sharp, cutting, twisting, griping, grinding. Better from hard pressure on abdomen (e.g. lying on the tummy)

Magnesium Phosphoricum: Exhaustion and tiredness with sharp cramping pains; better for heat and warmth, better for pressure and rubbing.

Dioscorea: pains radiate from abdomen, worse from pressure. Pains are unbearable, sharp, cutting, twisting, griping, grinding; better from bending backwards.

Ipecac: Nausea. Bloating. Colic of children with foul smelling, possibly green diarrhoea, restlessness, screaming and tossing about. Cold drinks or ice cream causes colic. Abdominal colic after sour or unripe fruit

Nux Vomica: Severe bloating and pressure. Colic in nursing infants from stimulating food eaten by the mother.

Belladonna: Distended hot abdomen, hot and restless. Colic pains, comes quickly, and goes quickly. Cramps and colic.

Always also consider what kind of emotions the mother is going through; this may impact the baby. (e.g. grief, fear, anxiety)

Help for parents:

When parents are very stressed and exhausted from a crying and colicky baby, consider taking some Tissue Salts – like the nerve calming Kali Phos in a 9x potency, eating regular and nutritious meals and going out for some fresh air may also help.

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Infos on how to take your remedies can be found here.

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