Homeopathy for Reflux in Babies

Homeopathy for Reflux in Babies

Written By Stephanie Joachim




Homeopathy for Reflux in Babies and Children

Homeopathic Remedies for Reflux in Babies and Children, who experience pains, discomfort, trouble sleeping and assimilating.


As a mother myself I know that reflux can cause babies and parents a lot of distress and exhaustion.


Many babies will grow out of it once the digestive system matures, but in the meantime, you’re left with a distressed baby.

Homeopathy can offer safe and effective remedies to support your baby with colic symptoms.

Relevant Homeopathic Remedies for Reflux

violent (projectile) vomiting, intolerance of milk; regurgitation, (silent) reflux. Also good in pyloric stenosis

throws up as soon as soon as liquid warms up in stomach. At the same time baby tolerates cold food/drinks better; burning in oesophagus

Bloating and flatulence. Noises in tummy. Marked aggravation times around 4-8pm; hunger at night-time. Better for rubbing, sour belching;

Silicea: baby may reject breast and vomit up curdled breastmilk after a feed and feel hungry after vomiting; intense burning (heartburn)

Kali Carb: which is better for moving about, hot drinks and bending forward. Burning, acidity, bloating. Sour belching. Vomiting at night-time. Worst time between 2 and 4am; worse lying on painful side.

Bryonia: Great thirst. Baby will draw legs up and burp. Better pressure, worse from least motion.

Help for parents:

When parents are very stressed and exhausted from a crying and colicky baby, consider taking some Tissue Salts – like the nerve calming Kali Phos in a 9x potency, eating regular and nutritious meals (and some days it’s just important to eat anything at all) and going out for some fresh air may also help and as a mama myself, I can tell you – “this too shall pass”. It’s tough in the moment, but you will get through it.

What else can help?
Tissue Salts:

Natrum Phosphoricum in 9x:

-           neutralises acidity and aids digestion

-           relieves nausea

-           when baby vomits curdled milk

Magnesium Phos 9x:

-           eases cramps and reduces spasms

-           eases pain

Both tissue salts can be dissolved in water and given to the baby or child together.

Other helpful tips: play around with what your baby likes and tolerates, warm cloths on the tummy, gentle massages, being carried.

Feb 20, 2024