How can homeopathy help with Bacterial Vaginosis

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What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

-     vaginal inflammation from an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria

-     Balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the vagina is disrupted

-     Bad bacteria outgrow the number of good bacteria  

What are the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?

-     Often no signs and symptoms

-     Vaginal itching

-     Burning while urinating

-     abnormal vaginal discharge

-     foul smelling or fishy odor (mostly after sexual intercourse)

-     thin discharge which may be white, green, or gray in colour,

-     vaginal itching and burning while urinating 

Homeopathic remedies for bacterial vaginosis:

-     help to reduce vaginal discharges,

-     reduce vaginal itching

-     reduce burning during urination

-     build up natural defences and balance the vaginal environment, so that bacteria have 
      less of a chance to thrive


Let’s talk about Remedies that can help for bacterial vaginosis:

Homeopathic remedies are very effective for bacterial vaginosis.

The most suitable remedy for bacterial vaginosis is always the one that is selected based on the symptoms in every individual case, based on modalities, when symptoms happen, what makes it better or worse, what is the case history.

Top 4 remedies for bacterial vaginosis: 

1. Sepia – No 1 for Bacterial Vaginosis

Complains of vaginal discharge.

Discharge can be clear, milky, yellow or green.

Discharge is quite acidy, causing a burning and itching feeling in the vagina.

Urge to urinate.

The discharge is at its most after urination.

The discharge smells bad.

2. Natrum Muriaticum – White Discharge

White vaginal discharge.

Profuse, thick and acidy discharge or watery and see-through in the morning

Sensation of itch and burning in vagina, also after urination

Feeling of weakness

3. Mercurius Solibilis – Green Discharge

Green, acidy vaginal discharge causing itching sensation

Desire to scratch, followed by intense burning sensation.

Symptoms worse during urination or with cold water

Aggravation at night time 

4. Kreosotum –Vaginal Itching

Intense vaginal itching, worse in the evening.

Discharges are worse when standing or walking and between menstrual periods.

Discharges have intense unpleasant smells, quite offensive and are white or yellowish.

Soreness and burning in vagina after scratching and after urination.

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