Insomnia - can't sleep?




Lack of sleep effects all areas of life - may make you irritable, depressed, anxious and restless, more prone to falls or accidents, and more brain foggy. Lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain. Sleep problems can already happen in every phase of life, but can get even worse in (peri-) menopause.


During (peri-)menopause the decrease in estrogen and progesterone can lead to lack of sleep, sleep apnoea, anxieties - which in turn can lead to - youguessed it - poor sleep. Another reason is very often the occurrance of hot flushes that wakes a woman and then it’s hard to go back to sleep. Or it may also be the other way around - we wake and then the hot flush comes - the verdict is still out on what the order may be here.


Relevant Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia:


While most people can be awakened in the morning by a strong cup of coffee, the homeopathic application of the remedy (when potentized) has the opposite effect. It can help induce a good night's sleep, quiet an anxious mind, and slow down racing thoughts. Use this remedy for insomnia caused by racing thoughts, restless anxiety, vivid imagination, or simply having too many ideas racing through your head. There is extreme fatigue, a strong want to lie down and close your eyes, but you are unable to turn off your thoughts and go to sleep. After falling asleep at last, there are frequent, abrupt wake-ups.


Exhaustion during the day and in the early evening, followed by trouble sleeping at night. Indeed, sleep is very light, more akin to slumbering than a deep sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep before midnight due to a rush of anxious thoughts or digestive issues, graphites might be helpful. Eventually, right before the alarm goes off in the morning, a deep sleep sets in. Dreams of fire and death as well as incessant talking while you sleep could occur. It can also be a very effective treatment for children who wet the bed.

Arsenicum Album

This remedy is known for causing restless sleep with fearful dreams about robbers, thieves, or stealing. It may also lead to feeling very drowsy in the evening, followed by insomnia with lots of tossing and turning. Sleep is light and not refreshing, with sensitivity to noise and temperature changes. Dreams are anxious, horrible, lively, and angry, making it hard to fall back asleep after waking up.


Insomnia can be caused by mental or physical exhaustion, as well as worries about loved ones or family. This remedy is ideal for people who are tired from caring for others or working night-shifts. They may feel a strong urge to sleep in the morning and yawn a lot. Dreams may be vivid, anxious, and fearful. This remedy could also be helpful for children who are afraid of ghosts and struggle to fall asleep.


This is a helpful remedy for anxious individuals with low energy who become excessively tired and experience insomnia. Usually, the person falls asleep at first, they wake up abruptly with a hot or rushing sensation in their head and then find it difficult to go to sleep again. Individuals in need of this remedy typically experience anxious dreams, and some—especially children—frequently engage in sleepwalking and may have nightmares.


Sulphur may also helpful for insomnia that results inactivity. If your sleeplessness is caused by itching or a growing sensation of heat in bed, particularly feet, this remedy might be beneficial. The individual frequently feels the impulse to toss off covers and agitated nervous. It's normal lie awake from two until five morning.

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